THEMATIC DAYS: Bioeconomy, a solution of today to the problems of tomorrow?

On June, 20th in Arras and on June 21st, 2017 in Amiens, the World Forum for a Responsible Economy offers two days of international conferences on the bioeconomy.

We will be dealing with two aspects. We will look at how, with the agro-resources, economic sectors and territories can seize the opportunity to develop their potential with the bioeconomy. What territorial dynamics can be implemented to transform constraints into advantages for the territories?


Bioeconomy, a solution of today solution for the problems of tomorrow?

bioéconomieBy placing the use of biomass at the heart of economic activities, bioeconomy tries to meet human needs (energy, materials, food, chemicals, etc.) while reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and our impact on the environment.



The 11th World Forum for a Responsible Economy will take place in Lille on 17, 18 and 19 October 2017. Discover the concept note 2017


Future of work : Nabomita Mazumdar contribution from India

From serving a community of 3 million professionals world wide to making it to the top 100 influences for start-ups. She seamlessly connected employers to employees, problems to solutions in most appealing fashion.

Article written by Basic Income Collective for World Forum

Because attention is irresistibly depending on purchased visibilité, public debate about global economic issues is not clear-headed, nor fair. Super fast growing companies design & deploy digital infrastructures that radically transform service industry : the media hype is all about ûber, airBnB and their GAFAM big brothers. (=Google+Amazon+Facebook+Apple+Microsoft).

Who believes these hyperproductive systems run without human work ? Unfortunately, the oldschool working right is already obsolete in the new “on demand” economic paradigm.