What We Remember About the 14th Edition of the World Forum for A Responsible Economy

Photos of What We Remember About the 14th Edition of the World Forum for A Responsible Economy

Save the Last Chance: Now is the Time for Transformation!

An exceptional situation, an exceptional transformation; for its 14th edition, the World Forum for a Responsible Economy has re-invented itself to offer a 100% digital edition for the first time!
 No audience physically present for the year 2020, but a virtual platform giving access to more than 60 of the Forum’s conferences. Our stakeholders and partners have also played the game and have joined us to present their conferences and promote verbal exchanges on the theme, “Save the Last Chance,” and on the profound need to accelerate change!


© Maxime Dufour Photographiesies

The first day of the World Forum focused on the transformation of economic models and new modes of governance. B Corp. certification, a transition to the Economy of Functionality and Co-operation and the circular economy, short supply chains, local alliances; so many subjects which transform the economic landscape and its leaders as we head towards this more responsible economy.
The cherry on the first day cake? An opening plenary which allowed us, from a safe distance, to hand out the Responsible Economy Trophies 2020, under the benevolent and expert eye of the serial entrepreneur, Alexandre Mars.


Second day, second target: the World Forum took on the issue of transforming jobs in various career sectors: communication, finance, HR, design, craft workers, managers and sales people, transport workers, etc.. Personal accounts, feedback from experience and, above all, a lot of discussion!

Finally, the third and by no means least day put the spotlight on the collective and collaboration! On the programme? A major session of collaborative thinking: more than 100 participants online, four themes (energy renovation, the circular economy, health and regions, youth and business), one shared ambition to see new concrete and achievable projects in the Hauts-de-France area.

The gamble paid off for this original edition of the World Forum for a Responsible Economy!






© Maxime Dufour Photographies

The World Forum in a few numbers:

4,000 + participants logged on,

200 + stakeholders expressed themselves,

60 + sessions organised,

150 + exhibitors in our rev3 virtual marketplace,

140 + B2B meetings took place.


Check out the contents of the edition:

– Recording of All Conferences
– 1 Mic – 6 Portraits
– The Forum in Pictures
– Journalists’ Articles

 – Highlights, Including the Opening Plenary
– The International Sessions


To watch everything and watch it again, follow the link:
>>>>> https://www.responsible-economy.org/en/intervention-theme

See you next year!