Because what is done here, is seen there and reproduced elsewhere, we must all act – and interact together – for our region. And others’.

This year, the World Forum is taking place in the heart of our region’s cities, to feel the pulse of the responsible economy. Everywhere, managers, employees and young people are committed and involved through many initiatives.

Because these are exemplary practices, and because they need to become more widespread, the World Forum is working with numerous partners to make these actions and the territories that support them more visible within its programme.

Expertise, feedback, testimonies: the players of the transformation will come to share their commitments.

18th October 2022: Lille

The planet relies on my region, my region relies on my planet.

Because what is done here, is seen there and reproduced elsewhere, we all interact with each other, so we will place this interdependence at the heart of our discussions. Throughout the day, committed figures such as Claire O’Neill, former president of COP26, Frédérique Bedos, producer, director and founder of the Imagine Project, and Samuel Durand, author of the documentary Work in Progress, will challenge us with their vision and their ambition. The programme includes: a plenary session with an impact to mark the 10th anniversary of rev3, ” experiences” on the future of work, the mobilisation of its stakeholders, inclusion and diversity, and networking throughout the day and during lunches, organised in small groups. The World Forum will be a place for debate, a meeting place to get to know each other better and to cooperate more effectively, and an accelerator for transformation, in order to leverage our impact. For our region and our planet.

6th October 2022: Valenciennes [Serre Numérique] 

Conference, workshops, networking: this session will highlight the synergies and successes of the Grand Hainaut region.

26th April 2022: Douai

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Auddicé organised the 6th edition of the “Rencontres Entreprises Territoires Développement Durable” (Meetings of Companies and Territories for Sustainable Development), in partnership with the World Forum for a Responsible Economy. On the theme of biodiversity and CSR, participants were able to discover best practices and keys to progress in their approach.

 Discover the testimonials of the event: