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My region relies on the planet, and vice versa, on November 21 and 22,2023

Let’s reverse the trend for a green transition,a fairer transition.

If we genuinely desire to reverse the prevailing global warming trajectory, the transition must be massive, profoundly impactful, and universal. A region or a company cannot undergo this transformation alone; they must rely on an ecosystem of national, European, and international ambitions and requirements. The strength of local efforts lies in their connection to global initiatives. Regardless of scale, these actions should align and converge toward a singular objective: reversing the current trend and moving towards an environmentally sustainable and equitable transition.

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The World Forum for a Responsible Economy, organized by Réseau Alliances, is a three-day long event that highlights the good corporate practices of responsible companies (big, medium or small-sized) from all around the world. It is an opportunity for companies to show their CSR practices and be role models for others.

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Who are we?

The World Forum for a Responsible Economy is an annual event for the entrepreneurs who are interested in changing their ways of doing business to help develop a responsible economy.

The World Forum is organized each year by Réseau Alliances, the first regional network of companies specialized in Corporate Social Responsibility. Réseau Alliances represents more than 250 members and partners from the entire Hauts-de-France region. Its purpose is to develop practices around sustainable procurement, corporate diversity, functional and cooperative economy, sustainable mobility and social business.

Thanks to the World Forum, major projects like the Third Industrial Revolution and SoBizHub were launched in the Hauts-de-France region. 

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