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Thomas Kolster, the guide for a responsible communication

Photos of Thomas Kolster, the guide for a responsible communication

When we talk about responsible communication, we automatically think about Thomas Kolster. He believes that being an industry which respects the strakes of sustainable development is also being an industry whose communication is viable. Author of two successful books, Good Advertising and The Hero Trap, he highlighted the weight of the communication between industries and consumers through this responsible transmission. 

Publicity always played an important role for industries. But with the current social and environmental strakes industries are facing, they also have to take into account the sustainable publicity. Thomas Kolster worked for eighteen years in an advertising agency in order to help entrepreneurs in this engagement. Societies’ goal is to show how their organization contribute to create shared values and draws intention on the general interest. Shifting from Mr “Good advertising” to Mr “Hero Trap”, he advises then companies in a world that keep changing, and so ideas and actions.

In this continuity, he created the first platform for societies called “Where Goods Grow” which allows societies to exchange their new and successful initiatives regarding communication. Dubbed “international leader” in 2013 by the Huffington Post, he browsed conferences around the world in order to share his point of view thus helping industries to propose better communications.