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Ning Li: the new business elite

Ning Li, president and general founder of and Typology, is now one of the economic leaders of tomorrow. He is playing a role in the huge transformation in the industry of furniture but also in the cosmetic’s one. He provides us, with his products, a chance to get active, to become an actor of the world’s evolution and to change our environmental impact. This young talented man is one of the main actors of today’s economy and offers us tools to understand the importance of our consumption choices. 

Born in China, Ning Li came in France alone when he was only 16. His career path is impressive and makes us dream. As he rapidly adopted France, his products are 100% made in France although he works around the world.

With, he settled his office in London to change the world of design furniture. While we are used to shop in stores such as Ikea which is good, high design furniture’ prices are often expensive. Ning Li gave himself the challenge to create a brand that will give consumers what they are missing in their lives. The mission of was to make their furniture accessible to everyone with a very high quality and a beautiful design. The strategy of is also inspiring, using internet to democratize the high design. This bet is a success, with twelve countries involved in the journey today. 

After having a daughter, Ning Li was, as everyone, sceptical regarding the ingredients of skincare products. His solution? Building ethic rules by himself, which he did with the creation of Typology. It is widely said that the cosmetic industry is one, if not, the most polluting industry in the world. This makes him pondering the impact of molecules and ingredients on people’s health and on the environment. With Typology, Ning Li succeeded in providing us trustful products.

This commitment was also a challenge, especially during the pandemic. It questioned the recruitment, as getting people in the office was hard. Consequently, the standards had to be lowered. Moreover, the crisis contributed to change our way of taking care of ourselves, provided speed of change and accelerated everything. With companies such as Typology and, we are no longer afraid of ethic and affordable consumption. Despite the difficulties the recruitment represented during the pandemic, both of these companies established practical means of management. 

Ning Li proved he’s a leader. His work brings concrete results and changes the impact of cosmetics and furniture on our society. People want to feel they have a significant impact on theworld, which is made possible by and Typology. 


Hannah Nasseri