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BrandsEye: Understanding Social Medias, Understanding the Demand

Photos of BrandsEye: Understanding Social Medias, Understanding the Demand

31A – Comment la technologie peut-elle être utilisée pour encourager les parties prenantes à changer le monde ?


Jean Pierre Kloppers is a robotic engineer and the director of BrandsEye group, the most efficient opinion mining business in the world. In 2016, BrandsEye predicted the election of Donald Trump and the result of the Brexit.


How would you define BrandsEye?

Brands Eye tracks social media to help companies understand the demand of customers. Our goal is to medicate the risk, improve people’s buying, reduce people leaving and improve the customer services that companies offer to clients.


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Do you believe that your technology is a good tool to build a better society?

Yes, I do. My technology is helping to reduce frustration because, by listening to what people are saying in social medias, you are able to understand what they want and thereby, to bring up an appropriate answer to their problem.


Do you believe social medias help improve the society?

The core of social medias existence is to give people a voice. As long as people keep speaking about their experiences, and as long as they are people who really want to listen to each other and not manipulate. Then, social media enable change in society. However, when people start to control and manipulate each other, that’s when they stop sharing their opinions. It’s been true for hundreds of years.


To whom do you sell the information you get from social medias?

Most of our clients are in the big B2C’s base: banks, cellphone companies, energy companies, insurance. All our customers are in the corporate business. So, we don’t do any political work. We do have public clients like the Cap Town city but again, it’s the same thing, we focus on understanding the services deliveries issues with social medias. But it is a customer service before all.