Pathways and themes

Are we next?
Will We Be Among Those Making the Change?

We must undertake a massive transformation of our economy. For decades, scientists have been warning us about the need to profoundly transform our society and, hence, our economy. The later we leave it, the more difficult these changes will be to bring about: nowadays it is no longer time for talking, it is high time to act.

Whatever professions or business sectors we work in, solutions exist, and, if they don't yet, they must be created. To do so, coming together is required. It is no longer possible to work alone: collaboration, cooperation and co-creation of impact solutions are and must be the responses. Thanks to our special characteristics we can innovate together. We had to have a place to come together: the World Forum for a Responsible Economy.

For two days, we create spaces conducive to inspiration and emulation so that everyone can leave with keys to understanding. Will we be among those making the change?


 Jean-Pierre Letartre
Chair of the World Forum for a Responsible Economy



Eight pathways, Two Approaches



Sectoral Pathways

There are few sectors which have not (yet) started their metamorphosis. For many years, sectoral activity for a more responsible economy has been increasing: transition to zero carbon in the energy sector, transparency and financing impact projects, development of sustainable transport, improvement of buildings and living areas, development of more sustainable food ... While many of these actions are in response to similar issues, their success is intrinsically linked to the mobilisation of many stakeholders. Why generate these dynamics? How do you create local and sustainable synergies? What technologies can we rely on? The pathways will give keys to understanding about the great trends and challenges which these sectors of activity must meet, as well as a framework for discussion conducive to the emergence of practical solutions suitable for the region.



Professional Pathways

Energy, transport, finance: if these sectors have undertaken their transition, what about the world of work? New skills, new ways of working, new aspirations for talent: these profound changes are already underway and directly affect the nature of the roles of each co-worker. The professional pathways will allow professionals to be supported in transforming their profession. How to recruit when the younger generation - tomorrow's talent - wants more and more meaning in their roles? What are the new expectations? How can we develop our practice to make them compatible with current issues? And where do we start? What good practice can we rely on? The pathways will meet the needs and expectations of each co-worker, regardless of their level of maturity.