CSR Ukraine


Maryna Saprykina is Chairwoman of CSR Ukraine, a Board member for SOS Children’s Village Ukraine and a fellow of WBCSD LEAD Program for women-leaders in sustainability. She is the winner of the Nordic Business Speaker Contest (2023) and the initiator of the U&We Hub, a program for Ukrainian displaced women with the goal to help 10,000 women start or restart their social businesses. Maryna Saprykina also created the 5-component wartime sustainability model for companies.



Maryna Saprykina is President of CSR Ukraine, a non-profit organization in Ukraine, and a member of the Board of Directors of SOS Children’s Village Ukraine. A certified expert in sustainability, human rights and social and environmental responsibility, she is a member of the WBCSD LEAD program for women leaders in sustainable development (2023). Maryna Saprykina holds an Executive MBA (Sheffield, UK).

Maryna Saprykina is a winner of the Nordic Business Forum Speakers’ Competition (2023). Key themes: sustainability, business and personal resilience, leadership.

In 2022, in response to a real invasion, she launched the U&We Hub, a program for displaced Ukrainian women, aiming to help 10,000 women create or relaunch their social enterprise. She is the author of the five-component sustainability model to help businesses survive in difficult situations.