Barthélemy GUISLAIN


AFM - Association Familiale Mulliez


A graduate of IESEG, Barthélémy Guislain began his career with KPMG as a financial auditor, which enabled him to understand a company through its figures.

Then keen to move into retail, he joined Adeo for 14 years, first as Store Manager of the Leroy-Merlin store in Dunkirk for 7 years, then as founder of the Kbane company, also for 7 years.

In 2014, he was elected Chairman of AFM (Association Familiale Mulliez). Since then, he has led the team of Managers and Chairmen of the galaxy.

At the same time, he has held various directorships within AFM companies. He is currently a director of Decathlon.

Barthélémy Guislain is married with 4 children.

Barthélemy GUISLAIN