Project leader of the Prospective rev3 2022-2032 group



After a technical career in large construction companies, Claude LENGLET has been coordinating the Third Industrial Revolution Master Plan for the region and the CCI since 2013. Since then, he has been Jeremy Rifkin’s correspondent in Northern Europe, and he has never stopped being involved in rev3 projects.

He has recently led the Prospective rev3 2022-2032 group. Claude LENGLET is an engineer from Centrale Paris and holds a Master of Science from the University of Colorado. He was the scientific director of the Rabot Dutilleul Group, a family-owned independent development and construction group. He was in charge of sustainable development and research and development activities. He co-piloted the “Imagine 2014” corporate project, which is based on the three areas of sustainable development. Over the years, his professional activity has been divided between project management structures and companies, with a strong sensitivity to environmental issues. He has notably co-piloted the European project E2B (Energy Efficient Buildings), a joint R&D initiative launched in 2008 by the European Union for a total duration of ten years, and which finances research projects focused on the energy performance of buildings. He was also director of the World Forum Lille Institute, a think tank whose role was to stimulate CSR actions, conduct and disseminate studies and research, and assert positions and issue recommendations on Corporate Social Responsibility.