Project manager on mobility for the city of SENLIS

La ville de SENLIS


A graduate of IESEG, Marie worked for 17 years in international marketing (product development, sales, digital and e-commerce) in a major household appliance group.

At the same time, since the end of her studies, she has been interested in environmental issues, and later launched an Internet start-up dedicated to the actors of consumer action. She has been involved for a few years as an ambassador of Sustainable Development in Hauts de France with the CERDD.

Trained in collective intelligence in 2015, she joined Ouishare and leads the community dedicated to the collaborative city and shares an active international watch on urban transitions and methodologies of doing together.

Senlisian and convinced that collaborative practices can liberate the human and economic potential of the territory; in addition to her missions in marketing and collective intelligence, she supports or initiates these new dynamics in the city.

This led it, in 2020, at the request of the promoters of a new eco-neighborhood in Senlis, to design shared spaces and tools to welcome future residents with the idea of creating living together and “activating this ecological potential”.

And, in 2021, to propose to the city of Senlis, which has a project to renew its bus station, to develop a multi-service offer using the economy of functionality and cooperation thanks to the ADEME Coop’ter project.