Octave KLABA

Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of OVHcloud



Born in Poland in 1975, Octave Klaba arrived in France at the age of 16 without speaking a word of French. Passionate about computers since he was young, he graduated from ICAM Lille in 1999 with an engineering degree and created OVHcloud in parallel because: no provider was able to meet his expectations!

23 years later, OVHcloud is now the European leader in cloud computing with 33 datacenters spread over 4 continents, offices in 19 countries, more than 2,400 employees and over 1.6 million customers worldwide. OVHcloud is based in Roubaix, in the north of France.

As Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the group, Octave focuses on strategy, R&D and company culture. Today, facing the American or Chinese giants, OVHcloud represents the alternative in the Cloud everywhere in the world by promoting SMART products and services: simple and fast to implement; multi-local and close to everyone around the world; accessible and predictable in terms of price; reversible, open and interoperable; transparent and responsible.

Passionate about open organizations, Octave not only promotes transparency and collaboration within his company, but these elements are also integral to his vision of an open and reversible cloud. Octave’s vision is summed up in OVHcloud’s motto: “Innovation for Freedom”.

Octave KLABA