Head of Collaborative Economy & Emerging Practices



After graduating from the Ecole Supérieure des Transports, and after several experiences in supply chain management, Thomas OLLIVIER completed his master’s degree in economic intelligence and knowledge management in 2003. He then directed his career towards developing and leading the Centre Régional de Veille Stratégique (Regional Strategic Intelligence Center) in order to help small and medium-sized businesses and large groups solve industrial problems (logistics, development, innovation, strategy) using economic intelligence and knowledge management methods and systems.

In 2007, Thomas OLLIVIER joined MAIF and took charge of the strategy management inspired by the Balanced Scorecard.. He then proposed the creation of a business intelligence unit and took responsibility for it. He contributed to the creation and management of a transversal monitoring system, and initiated strategic thinking stimulated by experimentation.

In 2013, he became Head of Strategy and Partnerships and took part in the formalization of strategic orientations and their operational implementation in order to prepare for the future.

Since 2015, he has been leading a transformation process through the collaborative economy and new uses. These will enable the group to adapt its core business to these new paradigms, while opening it up to new ways of working, with new types of partners.

After the group had integrated these new challenges, Thomas OLLIVIER joined the B2B Department in 2018, newly created as part of the group’s “Engaged for Tomorrow” Strategic Plan. There, he takes responsibility for Development and Partnerships, consisting of developing MAIF’s business.