Caroline RENOUX

Founder and ceo



Caroline RENOUX is the current Founder and CEO of BIRDEO.

Caroline RENOUX


Driven by a real ecological awareness and convinced that the new economic, social and environmental challenges will generate a revolution at least equivalent to what digital has done, Caroline Renoux founded Birdeo in 2010.

She made it the leading recruitment firm specializing in positive impact jobs and social commitment. “Sustainable transformation is becoming a matter of course in all market sectors and for all professions, regardless of the size of the company. It is deeper and more strategic and therefore raises unprecedented human resources issues. Caroline Renoux is also the author of the book published in 2018, “How to make a career in the CSR and sustainable development professions.”

In April 2019, Caroline Renoux decided to go even further by addressing a population of highly experienced executives: that of interim managers and independent experts. She created a new service offering, People4Impact by Birdeo, the first community of freelance experts and interim managers specialized in sustainable development issues. Birdeo has been a B Corp since 2016 and has been a Mission-led Company since 2021. Today, the firm has nearly 15 employees and intends to enlighten and accelerate the transformation of businesses by mobilizing the best talents and decision-makers to collectively contribute to a sustainable, inclusive and committed dynamic of organizations.