Author of the documentaries Work in Progress and the newsletter Billet du Futur

LAB Welcome


Samuel Durand is an author, consultant and LAB Welcome expert.  

During a learning expedition in more than ten countries, he discovered how work is organized elsewhere and decided to make it the main subject of his documentary Work in progress. In this documentary, he takes us on a journey to discover the innovators of tomorrow’s work. 

Samuel Durand is also the author of the newsletter Le Billet du Futur in which he explores and deciphers the mutations of work. In 2021, he will transpose his documentary Work in Progress into a comic book in order to have a more educational approach and to address young people.



Samuel Durand, 25, is an author, consultant and expert to LAB Welcome. In 2019,

while still being a student, he undertook a learning expedition to explore the mutations of work in the world. In total, he went to more than ten different countries to discover how work is organized elsewhere.

Upon his return to France, he produced a study report entitled “Exploring the Work of Tomorrow”. This question is then the subject of his documentary Work in Progress. In it, Samuel Durand takes us to France, Amsterdam, Berlin and Barcelona to discover innovators of tomorrow’s work: Passion Economy, collaboration, freelance collective, digital nomads, entrepreneurs… He defends a positive vision of work. He presents us his conception of the Future of Work but also the fundamental transformations that are currently taking place within companies: search for meaning, new ways of working and management. He believes that this future of work is already very present.

Samuel Durand is also the author of the bi-monthly newsletter Le Billet du Futur. In this newsletter, he explores and analyzes the mutations of work and transmits his lessons to companies.