Journalist and director


Committed to farmers, Edouard Bergeon is the creator of the new “agricultural Netflix” CultivonsNous.TV.  Son of a farmer, journalist and director, he is the author of the film “Au nom de la terre” with Guillaume Canet and the documentary “Les Fils de la terre”. Edouard Bergeon has just published “Cultivons-Nous, Bien manger avec les paysans d’aujourd’hui” (Let’s eat with today’s farmers) at “Les Arènes”.



Son of a farmer, Edouard Bergeon grew up on his father’s farm, where he was particularly sensitive to the precariousness of the farmers he came into close contact with.

During his early years, Edouard Bergeon alternated between working on the farm, working as a salesman in a garden center and participating in cycling competitions. He eventually got a job as a journalist at France 3, then joined the national newsroom of France 2 in the society department.

Always committed to the cause of farmers, Edouard Bergeon directed his first documentary in 2012, “Les Fils de la terre”, to raise awareness about the suicide of French farmers. He followed this up with a feature film, “Au nom de la terre”, starring Guillaume Canet, in which he recounts his own journey, that of his family and more particularly that of his father.

Wishing to both give visibility to farmers and raise awareness among the French, Edouard Bergeon launched “CultivonsNous.Tv” where he highlights agricultural Youtubers.

Edouard Bergeon has just published “Cultivons-Nous, Bien manger avec les paysans d’aujourd’hui” (Let’s eat well with today’s farmers), a book that relates in texts, interviews, photos, illustrations and comics “the life of those who feed us, whether they are farmers or passionate about food that is good for the body and the mind”.