Deputy Managing Director and Director of Publications

La Voix du Nord


Gabriel d’HARCOURT has been working in the press for 25 years. After working for major French newspapers such as Le Parisien, he is now Deputy Managing Director and Director of Publications at La Voix du Nord.



Gabriel d’HARCOURT worked for 25 years in the press, mainly in sales and distribution and then in general management positions. He worked for French newspapers like Le Parisien, Le Courrier picard or La Voix du Nord but also for organizations like the Syndicat de la presse régionale (regional press union). He studied business and journalism.

He is currently in charge of the transformation of the newspaper La Voix du Nord and of its advertising department, La Voix Médias, as the press is undergoing a profound transformation.

Gabriel D’HARCOURT is also the Chairman of the sales commission of the UPREG (alliance of the general information press).