President and Head of the Global Countries Network

Let's Do It! World


Heidi SOLBA is the President of Let’s Do It! World, an organization that tackles environmental and social problems related to mismanaged waste. She is also the spokesperson for the World Cleanup Day, a project carried out by Let’s Do It! World.




Heidi SOLBA at the WFRE 2019

Heidi SOLBA at the Studio TV of the WFRE 2019

Picking Up Trash, a Simple Gesture That Can Have a Huge Impact

Heidi SOLBA, as President and Head of the Global Network, works to serve one of today’s fastest growing civic movements, Let’s Do It World. This network of global ‘do-ers’ has a crazy ambition to run a 24-hour non-stop global campaign – World Cleanup Day. Strengthened by a deep belief that anything is possible, her first task was to create a worldwide network of knowledgeable and influential teams, and to lead this network in the first World Cleanup Day, which took place on 15 September 2018. The event engaged a total of 17.8 million people from 157 countries, across 24 hours.

At the beginning of 2019, the Let’s Do It global network restructured into a global membership organisation, and elected Heidi Solba as President – to serve the organisation, and work for sustainable solutions for the long-term. The movement held its second World Cleanup Day on 21 September 2019 and engaged …….. millions of people from the majority of the world’s countries.

Millions of volunteering hands united for a whole 24 hours of massive united effort to clean up our home planet, country-by-country. Thousands of communities cleaned up mismanaged waste from their beaches, forests, streets, parks and other public places. The cleanups formed an epic green wave – beginning in Fiji and travelling around the world, with millions of volunteers taking local action as the day passed through their time zone, before a grand finale in Hawaii.

The aim of World Cleanup Day is to raise global awareness about waste management, and catalyse the participating countries towards more sustainable solutions, including a change in consumption patterns. Let’s Do It World movement members are working according to the Let’s Do It Keep It Clean Plan, and to Zero Waste and Circular Economy principles.

To Heidi, the meaning of World Cleanup Day is:

“We are catalysing a process of change in the world – getting people to change their habits, and move away from an era of plastic. The most valuable thing is the UNDERSTANDING – that the change is possible. The change starts from level of personal values and gives the ABILITY to run joint actions with really diverse organisations and individuals. World Cleanup Day is unique in the way it engages communities – a truly global movement can make real change! It’s amazing to see so much collaboration over so many different sectors, and among so many civic movements, and all with one common goal – to change the way we think, act and live. The change starts here – it starts from the personal level by bringing people into action TOGETHER. I could even say, that we are doing cleanups not only outside, but also inside.”

Before joining LDIW, Heidi SOLBA had a corporate background in Human Resources – in CSR, and organisational development. Heidi SOLBA has a mix of strategic and practical experience in Human Resource Management, with 17 years of experience working on development programs and leadership capacity building. Heidi SOLBA is internationally accredited as a consultant and assessor, and has often been involved as an expert in development programmes and training initiatives in a wide range of organisations across a number of sectors.