Bertrand PICCARD

Initiator and Chairman

Solar Impulse Foundation


Bertrand PICCARD is the Initiator and Chairman of the Solar Impulse Foundation and is the first one to have flown a plane without fuel. He wants to raise public awareness and encourage political action in favor of clean technologies.

Bertrand PICCARD



Bertrand PICCARD, Une trace dans le ciel, Éditions Favre (2005)

Bertrand PICCARD, Le Tour du monde en 20 jours, Robert Laffont (1999)

Bertrand PICCARD, Changer d’altitude, Éditions Stock (2014)

Bertrand PICCARD, Objectif Soleil, Éditions Stock (2016)

Bertrand PICCARD is the creator of Solar Impulse, the first fuel-less plane with perpetual autonomy. It is in his genes to go beyond preconceived ideas to achieve what others think is impossible. While his father and grandfather were attracted by the abyss and the stratosphere, Bertrand PICCARD is fascinated by the great challenges of our time. Both a doctor and an explorer, he has become an opinion leader on the themes of progress and sustainable development as well as a world-renowned speaker. Bertrand PICCARD puts his pioneering spirit at the service of renewable energies and clean technologies, he committed to selecting and labelling 1,000 profitable solutions to protect the environment.