Jean-Pierre LETARTRE


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Jean-Pierre LETARTRE is a graduate of a DEA (French Master of Advanced Studies) in business law, chartered accounting and auditing. He joined Ernst & Young audit firm in 1985 before being appointed in 2008 as Chairman and CEO of the group. He stimulated a new dynamic in the company by introducing new technologies into the services offered and initiated a profound transformation of management methods.

As head of a major international company, Jean-Pierre LETARTRE has always felt strongly about promoting a new vision of social responsibility and has implemented many measures in favour of the environment, diversity and gender equality.

Jean-Pierre LETARTRE



 Jean-Pierre LETARTRE au WFRE 2019

Jean-Pierre LETARTRE, Pierre DORÉ, Jean-François ROYER, Jacques TASSI, Qu’attendez-vous pour entreprendre ?, Maxima, 1999.

Jean-Pierre LETARTRE, MEDEF, L’ambition de grandir, paroles d’entrepreneurs, 2006.


Interview #WFRE21:

– Témoignage : Jean-Pierre Letartre.

Deeply involved in promoting entrepreneurship in France, Jean-Pierre LETARTRE became director of the Centre des jeunes dirigeants (CJD) du Nord in 1989. In 1993, he created the Entrepreneur of the Year award, and in 1996, the Académie des Entrepreneurs, dedicated to exchanges between business leaders. In 1999, he published his first book, Qu’attendez-vous pour entreprendre? before writing L’ambition de grandir, paroles d’entrepreneurs with the MEDEF in 2006. In 2007, he co-founded Citizen Entrepreneurs, a worldwide association that organizes the annual G20 entrepreneurs’ summit. After several years as a member of MEDEF’s Entrepreneurs, Businesses and Society commission, he joined the executive board in 2013, leading the France 2020 project to shape the outlook for our economy.

As head of a major international corporation, Jean-Pierre LETARTRE has always been committed to driving forward a new vision of social responsibility, and has implemented numerous measures in the fields of the environment, diversity and gender equality.

Jean-Pierre LETARTRE’s in-depth knowledge of the entrepreneurial world, and his social and regional investment through his chairmanship of the Comité Grand Lille, give him a privileged position from which to observe our region’s economic activity. So, he succeed Philippe VASSEUR as President of Réseau Alliances, the network of responsible-growth entrepreneurs in the Hauts-de-France region, in January 2019.