Nicolas KRMIC

Head of Corporate Security



After university studies of International Law, I decided to sign up for the Navy. The Intelligence Services recruited me to work on the Balkan conflicts. Then I left the Service and the Forces to apply my know-how in the private sector with Subsea7 and develop innovative methods of security.

Nicolas KRMIC


After university studies in International Law, leading to a Doctorate in Political Sciences, I signed up for the Navy. Very quickly, I discovered and pursued my interest in Intelligence and after 2 years I was called up by the Intelligence Services essentially to cover the Balkan conflicts for 8 years. Then I decided to leave the Service as well as the Armed Forces to involve myself in security in the private sector. In 2008, I joined Acergy (now Subsea7 – the leading operator in offshore oil engineering) to set up and develop the Security Department. For 10 years now Subsea7 has successfully deployed its security methods in sensitive environments on land and sea.