Director and Founder



Mark LUNG is the co-founder of Eco2librium, an American B Corporation based in Kenya that works at solving environmental and social issues and helps underpriviliged people.




Mark LUNG at the Studio TV of the WFRE 2019


Lung, M.A., A. Espira. 2019. A large scale, village-level test of wood consumption patterns of an improved cook stove in Kenya. Energy for Sustainable Development 49:11-20.

Lung, M.A. and A. Espira. 2015. The influence of stand variables and human use on biomass and carbon stocks of a transitional African forest: implications for forest carbon projects. Forest Ecology and Management 351:36-46.

Mark LUNG is a doctorate in wildlife biology and conservation. He co-founded Eco2librium (ECO2), an American B-Corporation based in Kenya. ECO2 applies business solutions to solve social and environmental problems. It sells services that reduce deforestation, create jobs and improve the living conditions of underpriviliged people like women.

ECO2 started in 2009 with 5 people. It now employs 20 Kenyans that manage 5 divisions and 500 people in a region where the unemployment rate exceeds 50%.

Eco2librium has been recognized as “Best for the World Overall” in 2017 and “Best for the World Changemakers” in 2018 for its work with rural communities in Kenya.