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Luis Fierro, Program Manager for Activities with Economic & Business Partners, EU-LAC Foundation. Was Climate Finance Adviser at AILAC; held several positions at the IDB. Holds graduate degrees from the University of Texas at Austin and University of Oregon. Has written and edited books; strategies; journal, magazine & newspaper articles; fiction.




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Promote Sustainable Development, Low in Emissions and with Greater Resilience to Climate Change (Policy Proposal for Ecuador).

Contribution of cluster strategies and inter-cluster cooperation for the competitive progress of the EU and LAC


Luis Fierro is an international development economist, with experience in Sustainable Development, Project & Climate Finance. He is the Programme Manager for Activities with Economic and Business Partners at the EU-LAC Foundation. Before, he was Climate Finance Adviser at AILAC, negotiating the Paris Agreement. Previously, held several positions at the Inter-American Development Bank. Economist degree from the Catholic University of Ecuador; graduate degrees in Development, International Economics and Environmental Economics from the U. of Oregon and the U. of Texas at Austin. Has written, edited and translated books, strategies; journal, magazine and newspaper articles; and fiction.