UpCountry Africa Fund Assets Corp


Currently CEO of the UpCountry Africa Fund Assets Corp and co-founder of Wananchi Online, one of the largest internet access providers of Eastern Africa. Njeri is also the founder of NRBC Inc, financial and business advisory consultancy for entrepreneurs and investors, focusing on investment opportunities in Africa.



Growing up in rural Kenya near Nairobi Njeri Rionge has seen the growth of urbanization as her home is now considered part of Nairobi proper. She understands first-hand how simple jobs like selling yogurt, charcoal, and vegetables on the side street of Kangemi market can spark the imagination of a young mind about the future. She was also a hairdresser who spent her time inspiring workers (women) to focus on developing themselves to be better citizens. She left Kenya at a young age to study and work abroad. After returning from that journey through Greece, the UK, Canada, and the USA she was determined to implement the lessons learned as enablers that she had used and observed which ruled about growth and impact.