Head of Institutional Business



D-Orbit is an Italian company with a purpose, within the top 100 of most-promising start-up of the world.

Specialized in the removal of space debris, D-Orbit has demonstrated technological innovation to achieve this distinction, but not only: it is one of the first Italian companies having adopted the status of “società benefit”.

Stefano will talk about their experience: the milestones for adopting new bylaws, their strategy to engage stakeholders, and their vision of mission-based businesses around the world.




His works:

  • ESA Clean Space Initiative
  • D-SAT Satellite Mission
  • ION CubeSat Carrier Satellite Mission
  • Horizon 2020 TeSeR Project
  • Horizon 2020 D3 Project





Stefano studied space engineering at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” in Italy and at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. After that, he worked 7 years in France at 4SPACE for the European Space Agency, and finally he joined the D-Orbit team in Italy, a startup that had at the time 6 people. In 2018, D-Orbit is now an SME of more than 40 people active in the fields of space debris mitigation and remediation and in space transportation systems.

Space is a natural resource, peer of the Earth, Water and Air, and it must be used responsibly to become profitable: at D-Orbit we take care of that.