François MOISAN



Francois MOISAN is in charge of the management of the research and innovation activities, the economic expertise and the international actions of ADEME. He spent most of his career at ADEME and has been a member of various international bodies in the field of energy efficiency and innovation on low-carbon technologies. He is a SUPELEC engineer (1972) and has a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Grenoble (1983).

François MOISAN


Francois Moisan has been an expert in energy technologies and energy foresight for over thirty years. He directs ADEME’s activity in support of research and innovation and the economic forecasting of the energy transition. ADEME has thus produced techno-economic and macroeconomic energy scenarios in France on the 2030 and 2050 horizons, taking into account the technologies of energy production and consumption as well as the social impacts of these visions. The convergences and dissonances between the ecological transition and the digital transition are at the heart of the prospective approaches that he runs within ADEME.