Chairman and founder

Prana BioVegan


President and Founder of Prana BioVegan, a company that aims to bring positive and significant changes to the corporate landscape and western consumer culture by offering fresh, tasty and high quality products.



Alon Farber grew up in a kibbutz in Israel. He left Israel to travel to India where he saw firsthand extreme poverty and the direct impacts of large corporations on people and the environment. He later moved to Montreal where he founded PRANA together with his wife Marie-Josee Richer.

PRANA’s vision is to become an important change agent of what Alon and Marie-Josée see as an environment of flawed food systems and unhealthy consumer habits having adverse social and environmental impacts. Through many lifecycles, PRANA became an important change agent in its eco system, achieving this by becoming a triple bottom line leader (profit, people, planet), a culturally progressive organisation, a value chain expert and a voice of positive change.