Founder & Chief Exective Officer



Petra Wadström is the founder and CEO of Solvatten, a social enterprise responsible for developing portable equipment that enables water to be purified and heated using solar energy. Solvatten is already present in more than 20 countries through various different distributors and works together with microcredit organizations to make the equipment affordable to everyone.



Petra Wadström is a Swedish inventor, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Solvatten AB. She trained as a biochemical research technician and after years of research, she decided to switch her focus to art. Being an artist has helped her to think outside the box, combining the elements of science and creativity. She has a practical mind, which she believes led to her passion for innovative sustainable solutions that really change lives to the better.

Solvatten is a portable, durable, highly efficient and easy to use device that heats water and makes it safe, just by harnessing the power of the sun. The tool was created especially for women living in poverty with no access to safe water nor to the electrical grid and brings significant impact in terms of health, women’s empowerment and CO2 emission reductions.