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To nourish his ambition to bring light to the millions of people in the world without electricity, Camille Van Gestel has invented a solar flashlight called WakaWaka, “to shine”, in Swahili. WakaWaka can not only change the life of a schoolboy in the African bush or a disaster-stricken family after a natural disaster but also meet the needs of European and American hikers. For each purchased lamp, the company-backed foundation promises to donate a lamp to a poor country or to refugee populations.




Blog Respeco : WakaWaka, the lamp that shares the sun

In 2012, Camille and his friend, famed Dutch environmentalist Maurits Groen, co-founded WakaWaka. Five years later, WakaWaka is an award-winning social enterprise that develops, manufactures and markets the world’s most efficient solar flashlights and smartphone chargers.

On a mission to share the abundant power of the sun with more than a billion people worldwide who don’t have the luxury of a light switch and another billion who don’t have reliable access, the company’s safe, sustainable solar solutions serve both developed and developing countries: premium, high-quality solar products for all markets, for all people.

A gifted connector and entrepreneur, Camille brings 20 years of experience in product development and manufacturing to the company.