Co-founder of Circul’R, Raphaël Masvigner has set for himself the goal of putting forward and connecting the players in the global circular economy so that they can get in touch and create solutions for a sustainable economy around the world. Circul’R’s actors traveled to 22 countries for 17 months and met 150 startups, enabling them to understand that we have the solutions to start the transition to a sustainable economy in harmony with nature.




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#WFRE17 Face to Face

French press :
La voix du Nord – World Forum 2017 – Raphaël Masvigner: «Le monde ne changera pas si on garde les mêmes indicateurs de valeur»


These video reports present the innovations of entrepreneurs in the circular economy around the world and show that we already have solutions to put in place a society respectful of men and the environment.

1)Northern Europe : https://youtu.be/-kDRlzdGzTw  

2)Southern Europe : https://youtu.be/w3ngW3Iusxs

3)Morocco : https://youtu.be/E2QCj600Jx0

4)Senegal : https://youtu.be/gqviHGKDaGI

5)South Africa : https://youtu.be/OdR8PVp9F6g

6)India : https://youtu.be/TnC7u74spTg

7)Japan : https://youtu.be/ZNHrqyXJ6jQ

Raphaël is a French entrepreneur with a passion for the environment. He co-founded Circul’R in 2014 to create the first international network of startups in circular economy. He has traveled in more than 20 countries to meet 150 entrepreneurs and has conducted more than 50 international conferences on the subject. Previously, he has worked as an assistant to the CEO of Airbus in Brazil and then in Mexico. Raphaël is a graduate of La Sorbonne in Economics, Sciences Po Paris in Finance and Strategy and FGV Sao Paulo in International Management.