Zabbaan Holding


Testing at his parents’ home in the evenings, Aïssata Diakite was able to add value to Mali’s products through her fruit juices with the launch of her start-up, Zabbaan Holding. Its special feature? The company constantly innovates according to the evolution of the agricultural sectors. Between “The Secret of the Prince”, “The Secret of the Queen”, or “The Secret of the Duke”, the young woman stirs up her customers’ curiosity with ten different products. But what is Aïssata Diakité’s secret?




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Born in the heart of Mali precisely in Mopti, in a very agricultural region where Aïssata draws her passion for agriculture and agri-food. She is very committed to the development of the agricultural and agri-food sector in Africa and the entrepreneurship of young people and women. She is a graduate of TECOMAH, the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry School, HEC Campus. She obtained her specialized Master “MD2A” Manager of Business Development in Apprenticed Agribusiness in 2013. She spent an immersion stay in the United Kingdom at CHURCHILL HOUSE School of English Language in 2014.

Founder and CEO of Zabbaan Holding which she created in early 2016, is developing the agri-food fair between Africa and Europe and incubated the North-South incubator in Bond’Innov. She has about 6 years of experience in several agri-food companies and product certification in various departments: Marketing, Sales, Research and Development, Management, Quality, and Logistics… for example, she was an account manager at AFNOR CERTIFICATION in France in the department of major accounts with a portfolio of customers in agri-food, agricultural supplies, and cosmetics. To this experience, she has added close to 8 years of involvement in the associative world (Africa – Europe) by occupying numerous positions of responsibility on socio-economic issues, youth employment and the development of the agricultural and agri-food sector in West Africa.

In 2016, she set up the Youth Entrepreneurship and Food Security Forum for the promotion of entrepreneurship among young people in promising and sustainable sectors in partnership with the Association of French-speaking Notaries, ASCPE “The Eurafrican Interviews, Mali’s Youth Employment Promotion Agency, Mali’s Ministry of Training and Employment and the Ministry of Food Security of Mali.

In the same year, she became a consultant for the international organization of the Francophones as an expert in her program for the promotion of youth and women’s entrepreneurship, covering 12 countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

Aïssata is regularly called upon to intervene at international conferences, symposia and foras on topics related to agri-food, agriculture, youth employment and women’s entrepreneurship.