Co-founder & Product & Resource Efficiency Manager



Miquel Ballester, co-founder of Fairphone, a social enterprise founded in 2013, is behind a movement for more fair trade electronic products. The company is working on a better redistribution of profits along the production chain, control of the origin of components to avoid financing armed groups involved in conflicts, recycling old phones with the NGO Closing The Loop (which operates in Ghana where many electronics are abandoned), and less energy consumption compared to other smartphones and facilitates repair and recycling.




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Miquel Ballester has been part of the founding team at Fairphone. At the moment he is responsible for resource efficiency and circular economy agenda.

Fairphone is a social enterprise which uncovers complex production systems to change how things are made. Sustainable development is what drives Miquel’s work. Whether it is sustainable engineering, marketing or business development. He believes in the new and brave companies that are re-shaping the world today.

After graduating in Industrial Design Engineering specializing in technologies for sustainable development, he was immediately involved in the creation of Fairphone as a social enterprise.