Executive Director

Instituto Consulado da Mulher


Leda Böger is the executive director of the Instituto Consulado da Mulher, a social project launched in Brazil and initiated by Whirlpool Latin America with the aim of emancipating women from socially deprived backgrounds through entrepreneurship.




#WFRE17 Reporter : Leda Böger :“Be the change” – by Justine Moynat

Leda is responsible for leading a Whirlpool Latin America corporate initiative that promotes female entrepreneurship as a way to stimulate social development in Brazil.

A graduate in Business Administration, with a specialization in Human Resources Management, she led the development of a social technology based on entrepreneurial education which brings effective results on income generation and women empowerment.

Former President of the Municipal Counter for Women’s Rights, she was a panelist at the Rio +20 on Gender Equality for Sustainability session. She also integrated the Advisory Council of the Women Leaders Network for Sustainability, an initiative of the Brazil Ministry of Environment.