Responsible of GRECAT

ISA Lille


Marie Stankowiak works for ISA Lille as a GRECAT (Groupe Institut supérieur d’agriculture de Lille) research engineer. Within GRECAT, Marie carries out work on agriculture–territory relationships at the regional level, particularly through the use of the OPCRA® tool: Observatoire Permanent du Changement Rural et Agricole.




#WFRE17 Témoignage


Marie STANKOWIAK is an agricultural engineer and responsible of GRECAT (Research and Concerted Studies Group on Agriculture and Territories), a research laboratory of ISA Lille (an engineering school for agricultural, agri-food, environmental and landscapes professions). She is an expert on links and synergies between agriculture and land use planning (preservation of agricultural land, urban agriculture, etc.). The purpose of GRECAT is to analyze the role of agriculture and farmers in relation to socio-economic issues, to accompany communities and to participate in research projects on such thematics.