Nelisiwe MASANGO

Founder and director

Bear Run Investments

Afrique du Sud

Founder and director of Bear Run Investments, an organization that strives to ensure that individuals attain financial freedom by means of trading and investing. Bear Run Investments has expanded to incorporate a subsidiary called FeFine (Female with Finances) that promotes girl power through entrepreneurship and financial independence.

Nelisiwe MASANGO



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Nelisiwe sees herself as an entrepreneur first, a financial wellness coach and a motivational speaker. Above and beyond that, she is a day trader and investor.

The one thing that drew her to numbers was how consumed the world was by money. Growing up in a middle-class family, she was exposed to people that had a lack of money and to those that had more than they could use. This made her question the relationship that we all have with money.

Her company, Bear Run Investments, focuses on enriching the lives of many in the hope of empowering the community with the tools needed to attain financial freedom through various workshops and training programs. Her purpose is to create awareness in order to build a more responsible economy in developing countries and see Africa, as a whole, redistribute wealth to all citizens.