Chairman of the Board



Since 2004, Laila Mamou has presided over the Executive Board of Wafasalaf, the market leader in consumer credit in Morocco. Thanks to the strategy she has set up within the Wafasalaf group, Laïla Mamou is involved in the advancement of women in the Kingdom: 51% of the company’s employees are women, and their share in the Executive Committee is 46%. She was ranked by Forbes as the Top 100 most influential businesswomen in the Arab world for the second time this year.




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Sensitive to debates around diversity as a performance leverage within companies, Mrs MAMOU sits in various organizations that promote these values: Member of the “Club of Women Administrators” to raise awareness for leaders to promote diversity in governing bodies and Chair of the Lobbying Committee. Founder and Vice-President of the “Entrepreneurs Network”. Secretary General of the EFE association “Education For Employment”.

Her commitment to promoting entrepreneurship is also realized through her involvement with young people: as President and CEO of INJAZ Al-Maghrib,
Ms. Mamou was also ranked 42nd in the Forbes ranking of the most powerful Arab women.