Head of French Retail Banking and member of the Executive Committee

BNP Paribas


Since January 2012, Marie-Claire Capobianco is a member of the Executive Committee of the BNP Paribas Group and Director of France Networks (Retail Banking in France). She is also a member of the Executive Council of the MEDEF and the ADIE Board of Directors.




Interview Marie-Claire Capobianco

Hired by BNP in 1977, Marie-Claire Capobianco began her career in corporate banking within the Marseille Region. After a four-year stint with the Bank’s Inspectorate as an Inspector and Mission Manager, she was placed in charge of the Individual and Professional market segments in the Nantes-based group, before being tapped to lead the group of Toulon branches and then the same post in Evry. In November 2002, the bank promoted her to head Private Banking for all of France.

Starting in 2007, subsequent to the BNL acquisition, Marie-Caroline also assumed responsibility for a Private Banking governance function in Italy.

In November 2008, when the BNP Paribas Retail Banking complex was assembled, she was asked to supervise the expansion of Private Banking to all countries where BNP Paribas had set up domestic client networks.

Since January 2012, Ms. Capobianco has held a seat on the BNP Paribas Group’s Executive Committee and serves as Director of French Networks (Retail Banking entity in France). She is also a member of both the MEDEF Employer Federation’s Executive Committee and the ADIE Microfinance Institution’s Board of Directors.