Press Release 2014

The Lille World Forum makes entrepreneurs face the challenges of the future.
Créé le jeudi 4 septembre 2014 16:52

Since its launch eight years ago, the Global Forum for a Responsible Economy highlights the issues in order to adapt to the significant changes occurring in the world … Each year, thousands of participants from all over the world gather to share and learn from CSR best practices (Corporate Social Responsibility) program.

All heroes of change?

The aim of the 2014 edition is to focus the debate on nine major challenges. The world Forum seized the opportunity to launches its own challenge: “always have more impact on its territory”. With the extension of the event in Arras, Valenciennes and Dunkerque on October 22, it is the entire region that will live in the era of responsible economy.

Mobilised since a year, with the third industrial revolution, the highlight of the 2013 edition, will be presented during this 8th edition. With this experience, the World Forum Lille impulse this year a new ambition: Establish the reputation of the Nord Pas de Calais as social innovation territory

Adding a fourth day to the program, the World Forum Lille dedicate the final session to social business
It will bring together for the first time during a conference Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace and Antonio Meloto, the social entrepreneur who took up the challenge of eradicating poverty in the Philippines (also present in the opening plenary), it will end with the launch of the Social Business project north of France.

Finally, the World Forum Lille is a gateway to the world:  special focus on CSR challenges of the new European Commission and special opening plenary session with the Global Compact World as part of the preparations for the COP 21, the United Nations conference on climate change to be held in Paris in 2015.