European SDG Summit 2022

Photos of European SDG Summit 2022

220912 SDG summitAfter the pandemic and amid the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, the world needs to accelerate the journey towards climate neutrality and the adoption of an inclusive approach to the green and digital transition. However, the lack of preparedness to disruptions to workforces, supply chains, communities, and consumers caused by the war and the transition to net zero, risk exacerbating inequalities within and between countries.

Europe, in line with its welfare state experience, is taking the lead to leave no one behind in this transformation with the Green Deal, REPowerEU, the European Pillar of Social Rights Action Plan, the Just Transition Mechanism, and the NextGenerationEU Programme. In its recent Council recommendation for a fair transition towards climate neutrality, the European Commission highlighted that “the green transition will bring changes to the way we live, move and work. We need well-designed policies to fully realise its employment and social potential. A fair transition towards climate neutrality in the Union by 2050 will ensure that no one is left behind, in particular people and households most dependent on fossil fuels, and most affected by the green transition, and notably those already in vulnerable situations.”

Nevertheless, the scale and magnitude of the effort ahead requires not only individual commitments to net-zero but also collaborative actions from all stakeholders.

For this reason, ahead of the 27th United Nations Climate Change conference (COP27), CSR Europe is convening sustainability leaders worldwide at the European SDG Summit 2022: Together for an Inclusive Green Deal, taking place between 10-12 October.

Over the course of 21 sessions – consisting of 3 high-level plenaries and 18 SDG Roundtables – leaders from businesses, industry federations, civil society organisations, and the European Union will engage in action-oriented dialogues to conciliate climate action with the pressing need for a Just Transition. This year, CSR Europe will also release the second edition of the European Sustainable Industry Barometer in collaboration with Moody’s ESG Solutions. The Barometer will provide data on the sustainability level and maturity of European industry federations, with a focus on the social dimension of their ESG efforts, demonstrating the progresses made and where additional efforts are needed. This new instrument has been conceived within the European Pact for Sustainable Industry, CSR Europe’s public campaign aimed at making the European Green Deal and its Climate Pact a success.

If your organisation and government is eager to put sustainability at the core of innovation and growth for the pursuit of a more inclusive society, join us for this unique rendezvous.