12th World Forum for a Responsible Economy – Concept note

Photos of 12th World Forum for a Responsible Economy – Concept note

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The World Forum for a Responsible Economy returns in 2018 for a 12th edition!

The “base” principle of the Forum remains the same: to present best practices from five continents in order to demonstrate that concrete and duplicable solutions exist to promote and develop a “responsible economy”.

The general theme of this 12th Forum will focus on the challenge of the territories.

See you on October 16, 17 & 18, 2018 in Lille.



Companies and their relations with regions and cities

  • How does a company impact a region or a city when it is created, when it settles, operates and develops? How can we value and leverage positive impacts while controlling and reducing negative impacts?
  • Companies’ relations to cities or regions are taking on new dimensions. What is the role of companies within their city or region?
  • How can multinationals contribute to a specific region? How can they combine global and local approach?


The development of a responsible local economy:

  • New consumption trends are encouraging the development of local brands and new distribution channels. What are the new opportunities and possible strategies for companies?
  • What are the new modes of production, organization, distribution and marketing that are fostering the development of the local economy?
  • New forms of cooperation between the different categories of actors of a region or city are giving rise to local ecosystems favoring the development of a responsible economy. How are these ecosystems created and how do they work?
  • The circular economy is a model particularly suited to the local economy. How to promote and develop the circular economy in a local context?
  • What are the opportunities offered by local financing (local savings schemes, crowdfunding …)? Are local currencies bringing new solutions?


The attractiveness of regions and cities :

  • What are the most attractive areas (metropolises vs medium-sized cities vs rural areas)? What are the elements that make an area more attractive and thus favor the establishment of companies and the development of their activities (market, labor pool, regulatory and fiscal framework, physical and digital infrastructure…)?
  • How can public authorities improve the attractiveness of a specific region or city?
  • Are cities and regions the place to experiment and launch initiatives for the responsible economy?
  • Can CSR be a factor of attractiveness? What are the institutional frameworks that favor the development of responsible companies?
  • How can regions and cities seize the opportunities offered by new technologies in a responsible way? What kind of cities or regions benefit from these new opportunities?


Relations between regions

  • All regions are interconnected, which means that working together is essential. How can countries, regions, cities, or towns partner together to respond to global issues?
  • Regions or cities are often competing, but can they cooperate? How can we develop networks of regions and cities for the development of a responsible economy?

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