“Make Sense”, an online platform as well as an active and highly energetic community, has highlighted through its “Hold-up” sessions the work of social entrepreneurs and, moreover, has identified new ways of configuring the social business sector. What’s the objective: collaborate towards resolving social entrepreneurial challenges.

The 2 entrepreneurs in attendance:

1 – The “Charlie” company

Activity: Home-based chef and caterer proposing alternative solutions for home or office delivery of catered foods.
Challenge: consider the social impacts of Charlie’s model.

2 – Jean Bouteille

Activity: Jean Bouteille is a one-of-a-kind solution that allows consuming liquid food products without generating any waste (utopic!). For this effort to succeed, Jean Bouteille associates the sale of bulk liquid with a bottle deposit system, all of which is managed within a tight circuit. Challenge: come up with a slogan for Jean Bouteille that showcases the concept’s strengths and values.

Registration required: Number of seats limited