For its 6th annual event in November 2012, World Forum Lille welcomed Jeremy Rifkin during its opening session, prompting both the Regional Council and Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry to agree to build a “Master Plan” in conjunction with him. It only makes sense then that this plan is being presented on October 25th 2013 once again on the World Forum Lille stage, after ten months of intense effort involving Jeremy, his teams and all committed regional actors.

For the “Third Industrial Revolution in Nord – Pas de Calais”, this October 25th date marks both the completion of a journey and a new beginning.

The completion refers to work undertaken to develop the long-term vision highlighted in the Master Plan presented by Mr. Rifkin.

The beginning focuses on a practical application of the recommendations contained in the Plan, along with suggestions generated by regional working groups.

The horizon is indeed long-term, yet one dedicated to practical operations that will create new activities and jobs over the short and medium term.

-The origin and co-working process of the project: video with Jean-François CARON, Vice President of the “Orientation Forum” and with the actors of the project,

-Speech of  Daniel PERCHERON, President of the North of France Region Council,

-Presentation of the Master Plan by Jeremy RIFKIN, President and Founder of the Foundation on Economic Trends,

Conclusions and Prospects by Philippe VASSEUR, President of the World Forum Lille and the Chamber of Commerce of Noth of France region.

Moderated by Jean-Michel LOBRY, CEO, Wéo, France

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