CSR is often being described as a good tool to lower risk but what about its power to drive innovation? In the food, pharma, water, construction, ICT and other industries we see exciting examples of innovation that is being driven by new social and environmental needs. The connection between CSR and R&D turns those needs to new business opportunities. Sometimes they are not even described as based on CSR but simply to business development. Nonetheless, the contribution of CSR thinking and values to business growth is evident.

Moderator: Momo MAHADAV, Executive Director, Maala, Israel

Speakers : 

Ayala MILLER, Vice President, Global Corporate Social Responsibility, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Israel

Stefan MAARD, Head of Sustainability Innovation, Novozymes, Denmark

Sachin JOSHI, Director, CII-ITC Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development


— Summary —

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