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Introduction and presentation of the theme

  • Philippe Rapeneau – President of the Urban Community of Arras and pôle Agroé
  • Philippe Vasseur – Former minister of Agriculture, President of Réseau Alliances, the World Forum for a Responsible Economy and the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Jean-Bernard Bayard – President of the Regional Chamber of Agriculture


Sustainable agriculture

Produce while protecting the environment and our natural resources with the evolution of farming practices.

Agriculture has many faces: extensive, inclusive, connected… but the model of “sustainable” agriculture imposed itself on us. Farmers, consumers and the food industry have incorporated the new imperatives of “needing to produce differently”.


But adapting to a new model can take time and make that model profitable can become a challenge. The experiences shared within this session aim at presenting different possibilities to transfer to all the tools for a successful sustainable agriculture.​



  • Stéphane Bailliet – Director of Regional CFA Genech 


  • Bertrand Patenôtre – Expert in agro-ecology (France)
  • Mathieu Savadogo – Director of ARFA – Association for Research and Training in Agro-ecology (Burkina Faso)
  • Godfrey Nzamujo – Director of Songhaï Center (Benin)



International Conference of 22 June 2016 is Organized by World Forum for a Responsible Economy in collaboration with the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Regional Chamber of Agriculture and the Urban Community of Arras; With the participation of ISA Lille, Genech institute and pôle Agroé. 
Partner: BNPP