9.30 – 10.00 – Welcoming speech and introduction


– Philippe VASSEUR, President, World Forum for a Responsible Economy

– Christophe BUISSET, President, Agricultural Chamber Hauts de France

– Alain GEST, President, Communauté d’Agglomération d’Amiens Métropole


10.15 – 11.40 – Sustainability and nutrition: how are our food practices evolving? – International conference –

The current exponential population growth will have a major impact on our food practices. Of all macronutrients, proteins represent the key challenge. Thanks to three testimonies, focusing on the production of animal proteins, vegetable proteins and insect proteins, we will better understand how the actors in these different sectors will contribute to the development of sustainable food practices meeting the nutritional and food safety requirements of consumers.



– Christophe RUPP-DAHLEM, Director of Public Affairs, Roquette (France)

– Damien HUYSMANS, Co-founder, The Green Kow Company sprl (Belgium)

– Guy LEMOINE, Sustainable Development Manager, Advitam (France)


– Denis CHEREAU, Managing Director, Improve (France)


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