To change companies truly and profoundly, we must place new business models and new modes of governance at the very heart of their transition to a more responsible economy. We are convinced that a massive and rapid change of companies’ mindsets towards a more human and environmentally responsible economy will not occur without disruptive strategies.

For this first Online Conversation, Katie Hill, Executive President of B Lab Europe will talk with Vaughn Tan.

Vaughn received a PhD in Organizational Behavior and Sociology jointly from Harvard University and Harvard Business School in 2013—he now teaches strategy and design at University College London’s School of Management. His first book, The Uncertainty Mindset: Innovation Insights from the Frontiers of Food, is a behind-the-scenes travelogue of some the best restaurants in the world that also explains what lessons cutting-edge cuisine holds for building more innovative and resilient teams and businesses.

Through the notion of “productive discomfort”, Vaughn will explain how the uncertainty we are experiencing today can be a source of innovation towards a more responsible economy.