Artificial intelligence, a “fundamental risk” for humanity as Elon Musk believes? For its 11th edition, the World Forum for a Responsible Economy will address the great upheavals of our time. What will be the consequences of the technological revolutions that our society is and will be facing? What will be the future of work? How can knowledge and skills be transmitted in a changing world? What are the new geostrategic balances that are emerging and what impact on the global economy and local economies? How can we work together to contribute to the common good?

Within the walls of the Théâtre du Nord, we invite you at the heart of a great opening plenary under the sign of interactivity, in collaboration with CSR actors and entrepreneurs connected from Paris, Strasbourg, Marseille, Rouen, Bordeaux and La Rochelle.

From Erol Kiresepi to Karim Khoja, to Michael Shuman and Raphaël Masvigner, our guests will, each in their own way, make you travel without changing place to better understand the world of today and feed our projection into the world of tomorrow!