Within the context of the Lille3000 event which will showcase the resurgence of five cities (Rio, Eindhoven, Detroit, Seoul and Phnom Penh), the World Forum proposes to develop this theme from a resilience perspective: community, social, environmental and economic and therefore the ability to adapt to the changes and new paradigms of urban life.  In this session, we will discover what the economic revival consists of in Detroit and Eindhoven, two cities marked by major industrial and economic crises (decline of the car industry in Detroit, fall of the Philips company in Eindhoven), as well as in Rio, a city particularly marked by social inequalities and where the favelas set an example.

cus on the leadership needed to embark on such a path. Are there any common traits to liberating leaders? What does their progression consist of – before and during the path itself? Can we learn to become such a leader?

The roundtable will bring together leaders from companies and the public sector with the participation of Isaac Getz, who popularized the concept of liberated company.

The discussion will be moderated by Laurent Marbacher, who supports leaders and companies engaged in this mutation

Jérôme AURIAC, Founder & CEO, Be-Linked, France

Otavio BARROS, President, Vale Encantado, Rio de Janeiro-Brazil
Maarten VAN DE VOORDE, Director, West 8 Brussels, Eindhoven-NL 
David EGNER, Executive Director, New Economy Initiative, Detroit-US


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