Todays’ leading companies understand the need to re-think how they grow over the long term. More and more businesses are heeding the call to create economic growth in which opportunities and risks are shared equitably among all stakeholders. Those companies that are adopting integrated thinking about financial and non-financial concerns are working to ensure their businesses are resilient and positioned to thrive over the short, medium and long-term. The sustainability reporting process plays a pivotal role helping companies understand, manage and communicate their impacts on a host of issues such as climate change and the environment, human rights and labor practices, as well as anti-corruption and product safety. This session will be based on practical examples of how actual companies have embedded sustainability into their business processes. Participants will be called upon to explore ways to enhance and accelerate this transition in thinking about corporate strategy. 

Moderator: Juliette GAUSSEM, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Netherlands


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Speakers :

Michel BANDE, Senior Executive Vice President, Solvay, Belgium

Fernando LEITE, CEO, Lipor, Portugal

Jorge SOTO, Sustainable Development Officer, Braskem, Brazil